The Basics of Article Writing

The best thing about working as an article writer is undoubtedly the opportunity to write about almost anything under the sun. Unfortunately, there will still be some days when you simply do not like the theme or topic that has been assigned to you or you just don’t feel inspired to write.

CreativeWhenever you feel stuck in a rut, it is best to remember a few of the fundamental aspects of article writing. Going back to the basics will help you formulate a strategy for your writing no matter how difficult it might be to begin. Listed below are a few of the basics in article writing that can help you during those difficult days.

Identify the reader

Fortunately, it is not always necessary to write purely professional or academic pieces when working as an article writer. It is possible to write an article that plays out as a conversation with your reader.

Likewise, it is important that you identify who your reader will be before you even start writing. This way you will be able to adjust your word use, phrasing, etc. according to their tastes. For example, students will prefer to read a short and more informal article, while people who are interested in a specific sport or activity will want something more informative.

Engage your audience

2txccmBpA well-written article will be able to grab your reader’s interest from the very first sentence and hook them enough to persuade them to read on. Additionally, a writer who will be publishing his work online will need to make sure that even the title or headline will be click-worthy. After all, people can easily scroll past an uninteresting article title without a second thought.

For this reason, it is important that you practice the same article writing skills that a journalist or newspaper reporter would. Answer all of the important information in the very first paragraph and leave all of the details for the body of your article. This way, your readers will feel more engaged to read on since they already know that the article will be worth their time and effort.

Make it interesting

Now that you have successfully hooked your reader with your catchy title and convincing introduction, it is now time to put more meat into your article. It is important that you make your entire article interesting enough to read all the way until the end. Otherwise, you would have wasted your effort in writing the piece.

Make your article stand out from the rest by using simple words that are easy to understand. Likewise, use humor, anecdotes, or interesting examples in strategic portions of the article to make what was initially a burdensome task into a more entertaining one.

Section your topics

A large wall of text can be intimidating to read. Shorter and more organized paragraphs are more reader-friendly. Adding subheadings is a good article writing tip that can also make it easier for people to get an idea of your main points even at a quick glance.

The easiest way to make your articles more organized is by jotting down a short list of your main points and organizing any related concepts underneath. This way, you will be able to achieve a certain flow to your article and to your ideas that will eventually lead you to a concise and fitting ending.

End with a bang

Though you might feel that you have exhausted all of your creative juices just in writing the introduction and body of your article, a good writer should still be able to write a good ending.  In article writing, a good ending is one that makes the reader ponder a bit on the given topic or idea and make them realize its relevance on their own. One way to do this would be to write a provocative question that they can reflect on for a few days. Conversely, you could include a call to action that will ask them to make more concrete reactions.