Welcome to the Williamsburg Muster

  February 6th - 8th , 2015
Williamsburg Virginia!


This is the home for the Williamsburg Muster, a annual wargaming convention in Williamsburg, VA, hosted by the Hampton Roads Wargamers.
Our goal is to host a convention that is both family friendly and appealing to a wide variety of gamers.  We primarily feature historical miniature wargames, but we also showcase a board-gaming room with many of the most popular titles currently on the market, as well as science-fiction based and role playing games.  We want and encourage visitors, whether experienced gamers or first time visitors, to participate in as many games as possible.  Check out our Primary Events List as we get closer to the convention dates for more details.
Do not miss our excellent vendors hall; many of the best gaming shops and suppliers will be available to fulfill your wargaming needs or help you start a new hobby.  There is also a free flea market on Sunday from 9am till noon.  Bring your excess gaming supplies, a little bit of your saved Christmas card cash and get great deals to fill out the ranks of your miniature armies.
Please join us this year for a weekend of gaming fun in our nation's historic colonial capitol, Williamsburg, Virginia!